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A Newgrounds User Caught Flexin

Posted by Kolumbo - October 12th, 2019

hey there boys and girls, here's the thing

a buddy of mine @Epifon311 recently made a NG account and even more recently he started flexin' with a diamond on his wrist; https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/886675

just here throwing that link to the people of newgrounds

in other news, got some projects coming out REAL soon.


Comments (7)

Aight, I'll give it a listen! Whatever happened to the audio you just uploaded though??? I know it said will literally delete in 5 minutes but apparently I discovered it right at the end of those five minutes...

Feel like I really missed something now.

Hey hey IT'S THE CYBERDEVIL! What's up man!? Long time...
Also, fun fact, the guy I linked is also Swedish.
About the song, though, it was just a test, nothing important.

Ah nice! :D Maybe some potential future collabs there too hmm...

I'm doing good man. Trying daily verses for Inktober if you hadn't seen them. You? How's the series coming along?

Also I won't beable to stop thinking about this test thing. It's testing.

OH SNAP Cyberdevil & Epifon would be a kickass collab! Make it happen fellas.
Didn't see 'em, gonna catch up tomorrow.
I've had a rough time past few months with various IRL stuff & HDD fucking up. Still recovering, at least I picked up alcohol again after a few years, so there's a win in there I guess. If by the series you're referring to Crackeggs, it's been fucked with various problems like audio sync, Flash not working properly, the aforementioned HDD fuckup... BUT, after all that, it's ACTUALLY coming out by the end of the month or in November. All that's left on my end is to finish 1 scene, and in the meantime, I'm sure Grilbot and AgustinGates will get their scenes done aswell. It's been almost a year at this point, it has taken way longer than it should have. Hopefully, people like it.

Also, I've seen some Swedish films...

DAMN he really do be flexin' tho

Hey hey, we shall see! :) Ah man, alcohol a win though? Hope you get everything sorted out over there. Life all smooth, sober and stupendous! Or something like that.

Good to hear Crack Eggs are coming, despite all that trouble. :) HDD totally broken? Did you lose any files? If only boot sectors or similar get messed up you can usually dock it externally and move over all the files.

Oh nice, any Swedish films I should see? Falling behind with that particular genre...

Shiiit, just now seeing this. Small doses a definite win - I've no idea what I was thinking not drinking haha
HDD broke and fixed itself miraculously and I saved the files as soon as I could.
Gotta watch Roy Andersson!!!

How was Halloween for you btw? Do you celebrate?

Not really, no Halloween in Orthodox Christianity, technically - but there's always an abundance of Halloween parties and stuff. I, however, spent the entirety of 31st animating - for a change.

I'm assuming our understanding of small doses may differ. XD It's good to drink though. The right substances...

Oooh that's awesome. Not even Christmas yet. Christmas miracle, y'know...? Aaaanyway...

I don't think I've seen anything with Roy Andersson actually. Any particular one?

Don't usually celebrate Halloween here either, it's been a while since the last party, but it's my sisters birthday so we usually celebrate that at least. Doing that tomorrow for a change. I went to work, finished my Inktober stuff and that was it! The month really flew by.

Gotta enjoy the little things hehehehehe

Might be. Here's a funnie for ya, Christmas in orthodox Christianity is in January.

My favorites are Sånger från andra våningen and En duva satt på en gren och funderade på tillvaron, but I would honestly suggest his entire filmography. Swedish surrealism is lovely.

Ahh fun times. Do ya sometimes merge halloween and her birthday? Have a costume party :D

Yupp yupp, little things are good. :P

Oooh, even longer till that miracle then! Do you have anything like Hallow's Eve over there though? When you light candles on graves; pray for the dead? November 2 over here. I have no idea what the origin of that particular date is though, if it's religious or more so tradition. Could probably Google but ah...

Those titles do have a ring to them... interesting. Did you get into Ingvar Bergman too? How does their work compare? Roy Andersson's titles sound way brighter but maybe that's a deceptive shade. I probably mentioned I tend not to watch Swedish stuff as much because it's just so DARK!!!

Good for the occasion though.

I wish we did. :) She's ten years older though so I guess she outgrew the occasion before we ever tried anything like that. Maybe before my age of remembering. I used to go to Halloween parties too though so there was always a little Halloween mixed in with that particular day. When she hits fifty we gotta arrange something like that though. :D