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Posted by Kolumbo - October 20th, 2021


What's up?

Here's a lil update post for updates, of the update variety.

Been missing for a year again, had some wacky situations happen - which seems to be the case every year.

Either I'm lying or I need to get my shit together. Probably the latter.

Came back around a month ago, something like that. Been trying to keep up with the forums & voting. Didn't see many people I know/remember, which is strange - but hey it is the year of our Lord 2021 and everything's possible.

So, here's a little rundown on what's been going on

@AgustinGates gave me a chance to help him out on his new short, I have no idea when that's coming or anything, but it's bound to be a great one. It also features music by the one and only @SroSocial , so you know you're in for a treat.

Been involved with one of Sro's music videos as well, but due to wacky stuff I mentioned earlier it had to be postponed a bit. Will resume that as soon as possible.

Did a thing with my buddy Michael Kreutzberg ( @bergmik ) for the Doctor Good's Operating Theatre 2021 collab. We made a green penis. You can check that out here:

Got a tablet finally, and started on a Halloween short with help of some great people: @Epifon311 @Gamut @Little-Rena @SroSocial (hey, I see a pattern here) and @Noves - who just voiced in UnMetal, which is on Steam. Give it a go! Along with the best voices, it's got everything else a great game needs.

And then my PC started acting up. Lost lots of progress. Went through a couple of HDDs. All keep dying. Have no idea what's going on. Might not make it in time for Halloween, but damn I am trying to.

That's pretty much it. I'm stuck in an endless limbo of replacing HDDs. That seems to be my life now.

Hopefully, the Halloween short will come out on time. If not, you can expect it late November or something.

See you around.



See ya!

Sir Pecheneg, how are you? Long time no see..

Doing great, working hard, how are you?

Glad to hear that! I'm good too, gonna be working hard as well starting November - got a pretty nice gig.

Glad to see that! About HDD, I use at the moment SSD instead and can recommend it to you.

I have a small SSD for my system and software and such. Bigger ones (2TB+) are still not affordable here so for most of storage I have to go with a HDD.