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First things first, if you're reading this - good job on surviving the year (hopefully)

If not, oh well, shit happens. Y'know how it is.

I'll take the next paragraph or two (whoops, it ended up being more) to do a quick rundown of stuff I did in 2020 and stuff I hope to do in 2021

In the relative beginning of the year, I got drafted by 3GI to do something for their 1999 Sonic movie reanimated (whoops, rebuilt) which was a blast! I contributed two small scenes, one live-action and one animated. It was great fun, as it seems to be any time 3GI does a thing - and I'd like to thank em for giving me the opportunity to be a part of it.

Then, I did nothing.

Well, almost. As I laid dormant and willing myself to death, my buddy @MihaP decided to participate in the Pet Jam and reluctantly let me help him write his thing - which was, again, great fun. You can check it out here, he did one hell of a job animating it:

Then, some months passed. It was Corona, lockdowns, all that jazz. Some arrests were made, some films were shot, all in all it was a decent time. Come Fall/Autumn/Whatever I finally stopped laying dormant and willing myself to death and got off my ass to finish a thing I started 2 YEARS AGO

Yes, 2 years ago.

Right around the time FlowDownStream (hey, remember that!?) was rushing towards the end of its life, I started a project called Crackeggs. And then 2 years passed, with me being unable to deliver and feeling like I've let everybody who helped (and it's a lot of people) down. That, in turn, made me demotivated and practically scared of doing stuff. Long story short, this October I got off my ass and finished it. It's not the best, it might not even be good (with the exception of some parts, you'll know which if you see em) but it was a great relief to finally get it done, and I'm proud of it no matter what. On the other hand, the fact that it took so long and it's not good probably ruined my chances of collaborating with the people who helped bring it to life. I hope I'm wrong and we get a chance to work together more down the road, but for now I'd just like to extend them a really huge sorry, and an even huger thanks! All of them. Every single one. @AgustinGates @Grilbot @BoredKid @heyopc @Krutches @littlbox @makestuff @MihaP @Mkdanon @Pecheneg @SroSocial

You can watch Crackeggs right here:

And I put it on Youtube yesterday, so you can watch it there as well:


And don't forget to follow all of the people listed above!

With Crackeggs done, I finally had some life-force back in me and felt motivated enough to do something else. This time, though, I figured I'd keep it short & simple so I don't get another 2-years-in-hell scenario.

Christmas was coming so the obvious choice was to make a Christmas short.

And by some insane voodoo magic, I actually managed to do it. Sure, it was short and some parts were rushed, but in the end I managed to do something I never did before - start and finish a project in a reasonable amount of time.

For that I definitely need to thank (again) the voice actors @Saminat @Noves & @vertikkaldnb because while the animation may not be great, or even good, the voices they provided elevate it to actually be one of those things. And I'm really thankful for it.

Making it, I figured out some great new stuff - the only one of which noticeable to the general viewer is the small-size 4K resolution video. In contrast to what I initially had for half of the animation, in 4K - 31GB, the end result final size of ~600MB is mind-blowing. Couldn't get there without Swivel, among other things, and God damn does it prove how great Newgrounds really is. Aside from the website itself, Swivel & NG Player are extremely useful pieces of software. Can't get much better than that.

You can watch it right here:

Or, alternatively, on Youtube - where I just uploaded it. Literally this very minute:


One thing I'd like to note, though, and this may be a bit - well - not flattering for me;

I am legitimately disappointed that it didn't get added to the Christmas 2020 collection.

I have no idea why, since it's a Christmas short on Newgrounds which is, as far as I know, all that it needs to be to be added there. I don't know, it just makes me feel like an outcast or what have you - seeing how many submissions both far better and far worse have been added. It's really not a big deal but I wanted to get it off my chest - I worked hard on it, and for it to get no recognition is a bad feeling. Anyway, that's it for the year, that's all I did - two and a half things.

Looking into 2021, it should be a far more productive and interesting year;

Already have some projects planned, but that's work stuff - what really matters is WILL I EVER MAKE A THING AGAIN?

Well, yes. Of course.

I have set a goal to myself of doing at least one short every month. So, that means 12 shorts minimum next year. Hopefully, I'll get to collab some more - right now I'm working on my parts for Gravity Falls Reanimated - and meet some new great people. I'm looking forward to working with Noves and Saminat again, and have asked them both if they'd be down and LUCKILY ENOUGH they said yes. So, maybe we'll cook up some weird-ass short(s) to follow the Christmas thing. Maybe not. Who knows.

All in all, for me this year has been better than the last, and possibly the one before that - but that's quite a stretch. I know I'm in the minority with that, since the whole, uh, pandemic thing and whatnot, but hey it's just a theory! A game theory!

On a final note,

go vote, stuff is getting stuck in judgment for days and it's hurting the ecosystem as a whole from what I've seen. Things pass almost a week after submission and take dailies out of nowhere. This, by the way, isn't from my personal experience, but rather from what I've read on the forums. I had a similar experience, but not to such an extent of course - my Christmas thing was stuck in judgment for a few days but it got out and that's pretty much it.

I have a dumb but possibly alright suggestion, I don't know; portal mods should be able to take stuff out of judgment if it's certain it'll pass - if it's been stuck there for a while. I think that'd speed up the whole process while we wait for the updates Tom is talking about. Just a thought.

Happy holidays to everyone and see you all next year!


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