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welcome to my 2021 year retrospective it is going to be brilliant trust me this is unlike anything you've ever seen before

2021 is over. it was alright.

had some shit happen irl, but fuck that shit right

animation wise this has somehow been probably the most productive year i've had, even though i didn't really do any personal projects.

lots of work, be it shitty click-farm animation, music video editing, actual animation, character design, production, rigging, layout design, backgrounds. very fun year in that regard.

highlight would definitely be a gig for a fucking swearnet show thanks to Scott. love trailer park boys, so it's been a pleasure working on that.

on the personal project side of things i did nothing but a single collab entry with a friend. helped another friend out with some BGs & am currently helping another another friend out with a music video. been developing a pitch with another another another friend, which is looking really good and we're pretty close to actually getting somewhere with it. only time with tell.

planned to work on a halloween short and got some great people involved (THANKS) but due to some irl shit hitting me at a bad time i couldn't do it. then i got busy with work. aaaaand currently am busy with the music video thing. after that, i should have a 2-3 week period of work again and then FINALLY i will be able to work on that thing. it's not specifically halloween related so it coming out whenever is not a big deal. this is not another crackeggs, though, don't worry fellas.

that would be all.

good luck in 2022 everyone, let's fucking gooooooooooo


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