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You heard it here first, folks!
2018 is coming to an end, and it's been a damn good one.
That, and the fact my birthday was a week ago, made me look back on the year, and here's a post about it.
Now onto the post that is just me saying stuff about this year and plans for the next one, so if you want to stick around please do. If not, well, happy new year!

A year ago, near the end of 2017, I got back on Newgrounds after 2-3 years of absence. The reason was a supposed Soup Squad revival. That didn't happen though - the only things that came out of it were the Made in Six Hours Collab, which I didn't take part in, and a thing I definitely took part in, since it's made by me - The Stare of The Can.
It's voiced by @morcov 
He since disappeared. Carrot, if you read this, come home baby

The Stare of The Can was the first thing I've made in years. Literally. Sure, it's just some shitty dramatic zooms and a silly internal Soup Squad joke about characters being lamps, for some reason.
Even so, it was miles better than anything I've made before, and that was incredible to me as I didn't even practice in the years I've been absent. So, naturally, I planned on staying to see what else I can pull of now, that I couldn't back then. And then, the Soup Squad revived forum went quiet. After a week or so, it was dead again. This really demotivated me as I always found having friends around and making stuff together is what makes this whole thing fun. Without Soup Squad, I had no people to collaborate with, and that felt really bad.

BUT THEN, out of nowhere, I got a PM from @GoodL saying he saw The Stare of The Can and enjoyed it, following with a question to join his new planned collab series - @FlowDownStream
Accepting that invite (and drafting two of my friends from Soup Squad, @Krutches and @horsenwelles ) and making the first (sadly, not so good) episode - Origin was the end of 2017 and a wonderful beginning of the new year.

The next episode of FDS was scrapped after a bunch of delays, and eventually replaced with what remains one of my favorites, even though I dislike my part, Memories. What followed was an amazing journey filled with new people joining every so often, all of them incredibly talented. @poliwall came after the third episode - Sleep. Sro ( @DoctaBGL ), a fucking amazing musician, also came around that time. Then we got a surge of new active participants, @WillSpencer , @littlbox , @czyszy , @MihaP who all made the series better with each of them joining. And yet, the team still keeps expanding.
Of course, though, there were also people leaving.
Remember my pal Krutches and horsenwelles? They left.
Well, Krutches did. horsenwells is still around, I guess, but hasn't contributed since the first episode (with the exception of Internet, where I used an old animation of his in my part.) There was also this guy, scui(something), can't really remember his name who was there since the beginning, never said a word or contributed, left quietly, and all out of nowhere he appears with the most hatred-filled review I've seen - on one of the episodes.

Even though the series itself remains fairly unpopular, it got a bunch of dailies and even got frontpaged twice (which is a big deal for us, y'know), which reminds me - Hey GoodL, where's my beer?

Over the summer, I decided to give the animation summer jams a try. That, uh, didn't work out as well as I hoped it would. Animating a lot in such a short time, thing after thing, is really hard as it turns out haha, who knew.
I made two animations for it, I Have This Dream... for the Bad Dream jam (which also got a special episode of FDS, RealBadDream) and Going Forward, for the Future Problems jam. The latter of which I've grown to hate as it's a terrible mess that turned out not to be anything like it was planned. Sorry @Mabelma for getting ya involved with it

And then... Nothing.
Nothing happened for a really long time. I was burned out by the two things I made for the jam, and so were most people in FDS. Which resulted in FDS getting really slow with new episodes. In fact, only two episodes have been released since - Space and Relax, both of which are amazing though.

Around this time, I noticed a few of Shrek related submissions with descriptions that mentioned a Shrek remake of some kind. I got curious, and eventually found a tweet by the guy running it calling all filmmakers/animators/etc to email him. Naturally, I did, and I sent the "I Have This Dream..." thing as an example of my work. Since it's not the best, I didn't expect to hear back... But I did, and I got a chance to do a 4 second shot of Fiona near the end which was awesome even though it's a really small part. Got done with that soon and sent it over.
Some time went by, and while I was at a festival, I got an email from him asking if I had any time to do another thing for the project. Of course I said yes, and with that I got a chance to do a 30 second filler which meant it's actually going to be noticed by everyone who watches and that was fucking insanse. Not to mention my dreams of working on a feature were coming true, in a way. Asked GoodL to give me some help, and we were done pretty quickly. Sent it in, and some months later, Shrek Retold came out!
I want to thank Grant from the3GI for giving me thie chance to be a part of such a crazy and amazing project.
Plus, it got me an IMDb page, so I'M HOLLYWOOD NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SEE YOU LOSERS!!!!!!!!!

And then, nearing the end of the year, GoodL and I got in a fight regarding a, now scrapped, episode of FDS - titled Drugs. I wanted to submit Ducks n Drugs, an old flash horsenwelles and I made back in 2013 for the episode, along with an original, new, animation. It was rejected beause of the "nigga" in it, which he saw as racist.
We got in a fight over it as I felt the opposite and it resulted in me leaving FDS.
I'm still there, though, until the end of season 1 - which is the end of this year.
Probably should mention we're on good terms and actually collaborated after that, and probably will in the future.
FDS being revamped in their episode system for season 2 got me thinking I shouldn't leave, I should just not contribute to real episodes. You'll see what I mean when the next year starts, if the new system ends up being used.
(if anything good came out of this whole fiasco, it's that I've symbol-swapped Ducks n Drugs into Ducks n Drugs 2.0 out of childish spite, but I'm pretty happy with how it looks)

That brings us here, the end of the year.
There are still 2 episodes of FDS slated for release this month, to conclude season 1. Both are specials, so that's pretty cool. Be on a lookout for that!

What lays ahead?
Currently, I'm working on a potential pilot to the series, which I've written and will animate.
The animating department, though, will have some help from some new people, both reeeally fucking talented, @grilbot and @AgustinGates , and @pecheneg on the backgrounds.
By the way, pecheneg has been drafted into the army and will not be around for the release.
pecheneg, I wish you the best of luck and stay safe, can't wait for you to return. Thank you for all your help.
The voices will be provided by the aforementioned littlbox , the one and only @heyopc who I still can't believe is helping me out , and one of the most professional people I've ever met, which even overshadows his incredible talent, @makestuff
and of course with music by Sro

It's going to take a while.
Looking to be around 7 minutes long, which for an amateur animator like me, is quite a lot to handle.
But the good new are, there are no time constraints on this one. Takes a lot of pressure off.
But then that pressure comes right back on when I see who and how many people are involved. Can't let them down.
I am hoping to be done with it early 2019, but who knows, maybe something fucks up and it gets delayed.
Shit happens, y'know.
So far, though, it's looking good. Waiting on the final voices and the pre production is done.
Which is funny since the actual production already begun.

As for other stuff,
I am really happy about the recent rise in activity around here, and even more excited about 2019 in that regard

One thing I forgot to mention - I've met some great people this year on NG, outside the FDS circle. Most notably @cyberdevil who I keep pestering to watch Swedish films he hasn't seen and I have, since he's Swedish and I'm not.
Do it, CD, come on.

thanks for reading this post you've gained and learned absolutely nothing from, nor did I gain or learn absolutely nothing from. Hope you enjoy the upcoming stuff, and have a happy fucking new year.



I made stuff this year and will make different stuff next year but also a bit of the same stuff
happy new year



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